Tales Of Tails

Rescuing Golden Retriever Turkey Dogs

turkey dogs rescue

Have you heard about the rescuing of Golden Retriever “Turkey Dogs” in Istanbul, Turkey? It’s hard to believe, but on the other side of the world, there isn’t enough Golden Retriever love to go around. I didn’t know anything about it until I came across this story that aired on CBS. According to locals, thousands of…

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My Creative Life

The Enemy of Perfection

creative perfection

“Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” is a quote most attributed to Voltaire, the French philosopher and writer during the Age of Enlightenment. Variations of the sentiment have been espoused by philosophers and wise men (and women) throughout the ages. Like most great quotes, I think it stings when you read it because…

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starting blogging again
My Creative Life

Back to Blogging

Returning to blogging, after such a long time from not doing it, really feels like coming home. Let me back up a minute and explain. I’ve blogged on and off for years and as such I have had more iterations of this blog than I really want to admit. There were times when I had…

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Everything Else

Samsung Chromebook Plus Review

chromebook plus review

I’m so excited to be spreading the word about how much I love my new Samsung Chromebook Plus laptop. I know they say that it isn’t all about having the right “gear” but rather, doing the best with what you’ve got. Well, I’d argue that sometimes having the right tool, can be the difference between…

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My Creative Life

When Creatively Stuck, Believe In Yourself

believe in yourself quote

Like most creatives, I have my insecure moments. These are when I’m not sure what decision to make. When I can’t see one definite plan, or clear path. When self-doubt is just over-whelming. This is when it’s most important that I remember to believe in myself. For months I’ve thought about what the essence of…

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staring at disabled people
Advocating For

How I Deal With Being Stared At

Burping, spitting, passing gas, nose-picking, gum slapping: most of these come to mind as topping the list of public etiquette taboos. One, however, that often doesn’t come to mind—not because it isn’t a common practice—is staring. Believe me, I should know. I have found myself the object of many unwanted stares. I was born with…

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